The following is a guest post by Mike Troiano. Mike is a former New York ad man turned venture-funded entrepreneur, now a Principal at Boston-based Holland-Mark. You can follow him on Twitter at @miketrap, and connect with him elsewhere through About Me.

It’s hard to will a business into being. Anyone who doesn’t understand this through intuition figures it out soon enough through experience.

To win, an entrepreneur needs the conviction to overcome inertia. People have gotten along just fine without whatever it is you hope to sell them. Fact is your early attempts to convince them otherwise will almost always fail, which means you need the tenacity to keep swinging until you connect with the market.

George Bernard Shaw famously observed that the reasonable man adapts to his circumstance, that only an unreasonable man would seek to adapt the outside world to his own needs. Progress depends on the unreasonable man, said Mr. Shaw. It’s a quote I’ve always loved. It means that apparent failure is just another obstacle to be overcome by an individual with the will, and the character, to do so.
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Be Captain Of Your Destiny – Not Prisoner Of Wishful Thinking.

Be Captain Of Your Destiny - Not Prisoner Of Wishful Thinking