I was working away at my computer when water came pouring through the seams of the window in front of me. Scrambling to cut power, and shut my systems down in time, I ended up just yanking out the plug and dragging stuff away from the window. I had no idea tornadoes had just ripped through town in that short period. With no power at the shop, I decided to make my way home and soon discovered the Garden District was in shambles. With all the street lights out it took an hour to get home in what was normally a 10 minute drive. Fortunately for me the house was undamaged and we still had power. I was hoping no one got killed. Being from Oklahoma, tornado experience was in my DNA. This was not something you would expect in Monroe, LA. РMark

The National Weather Service has completed its damage survey for the storm on Monday, October 13, and have confirmed two tornadoes formed in Ouachita Parish.

The first, an EF-2 with winds peaking around 125 MPH, first touched down around New Natchitoches Road in West Monroe, swept through the Garden District, and ended near the intersection of Lamy Lane and Armand Street.

The NWS has also identified an EF-1 tornado in west Ouachita Parish. That tornado has estimated winds around 90-100 MPH and was on the ground for less than a mile along Caples Road near the intersection of Murray Circle.

No injuries were reported by the NWS.