If your company wants to boost sales, they need to engage the customer fully. Fortunately, smartphone technology has skyrocketed, making in-depth customer contact quite simple. Marketing has a huge impact on the sales floor, and your strategy can be enhanced by the many benefits offered by the smartphone. Check out the five best ways you can boost your sales in 2016, both in-store and online:

One: Make a QR Code Program

QR codes let interested customers use their mobile devices to shop with discount options. Discounts boost sales, and customers receiving options are sure to return for more. The more information people obtain from your company’s codes, the easier they can decide on great products and services. QR codes bestow knowledge upon the consumer, granting them the ability to scan digital discounts abroad. Moreover, QR codes entice buyers to interact with your brand on a mass scale. Buyers can now find QR codes in grocery stores, online and even during scavenger hunts. An effective QR code campaign immerses your brand in everyday activities.

Two: Offer Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons can invigorate your strategy with astounding responsiveness. In fact, SMS-based coupons experience an open rate ten times higher than paper coupons do. They’re convenient, they’re accessible and they can be tailored to your consumer’s behavior.

Not only do digital coupons attract sales, they boost customer retention. Businesses gain ROI through return visits, and a well-planned SMS coupon strategy will keep your buyers coming around.

Three: Craft a Prominent Call-to-Action Button

Your mobile design needs to be intuitive and attractive. Remember: Mobile device screens are significantly smaller than desktop screens. Use this to your advantage, and create worthwhile mobile CTAs. Grab your visitor’s attention, and make company contact simple. Be sure to include phone information, location information and store hours. The mobile platform is meant to be simple and quick, so your call-to-action button should be, too.

A well-placed CTA greatly increases e-commerce traffic. It also boosts in-store visits. A good CTA tells customers what you want them to do, and it’ll help them retain important company information.

Four: Use Social Media

You’d be surprised how much social media impacts sales. When it comes to creating a viable mobile marketing campaign, Facebook is a major resource. Currently, a majority of Facebook users engage social networks through mobile devices. Additionally, over one in six people exclusively access Facebook through smartphones. Complement your mobile marketing engagement strategy with social media to boost in-store visits.

Facebook is a wonderful tool for proposing ongoing discount plans. “Link your friends” comment threads are booming, and they’re great at enhancing a business’s online following. Boost your social media presence to enhance your e-commerce and in-store sales power.

Five: Send Out Mass Texts to Generate Leads

Text-to-join mobile marketing campaigns are succeeding—and for good reason. SMS marketing creates a fully trackable platform. It’s also an incredibly viable vehicle for advertisement. Mass texts, while increasing in-store audiences, similarly create a forum for deep customer response. Buyers are moving away from website feedback boxes. Now, they’re leaving reviews via smartphone.

A solid text-to-join campaign can be entered with discretion, too. Buyers entering your SMS channel want to be there, and they’re likely to follow up with in-store visits. Because SMS is an encompassing platform, it’s really useful for buyer voting, ongoing discount campaigns, loyalty campaigns and feedback.

Remember: Consumers are constantly on the move. Don’t stress yourself out with micro-managing each and every buyer. Instead, automate your SMS outreach and use these tips to generate leads. Over time, your consumer population will grow, and you’ll gain loyal brand followers. Every campaign has a beginning, and yours starts with automation. The sales floor will thank you. More importantly, the consumer will, too.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s mass text messaging automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.