The majority of music and video is made available via digital distribution. Your creations must be in the mix. There are many ways to go about this, all starting with a viable product and brand image. Without this, why distribute something no one wants to hear or see. Once this first obstacle is overcome Mad Social Media is your gateway to all known forms of digital distribution.

We format your product for maximum quality. We place your product in every viable forum for either free or paid download. Dependent upon where you are in your career determines the methods. If you are a new artist why put up a 99 cent barrier to people wanting to discover your music? If you are a seasoned act or content creator with a large fan base already, it is likely you can profit from downloads.

These days people dont buy independent music like they should, you are likely to make more money off a mousepad, or t-shirt sale than a music download. Such are the times we live in. There are myriad strategies to maximize your return on distributed music. We know them all and can tailor distribution to where you are in your career. Whether its free downloads on Reverbnation, or paid downloads in itunes, we will formulate a plan specifically for you and get it done. Most importantly at a very inexpensive rate, unless you are Lady Gaga, then the price is higher!

-get your music sounding great, then get it heard all over the world!