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With extensive experience in the recording and mastering arts, I can take your cd project to the next level. My prices are extremely competitive! Satisfaction and quality is guaranteed. Mac OSX and Win 7 Pro 64 – T Racks 3, Wavelab, Reaper and Harrison Mixbus, with plenty of Phat Analog sound!

MAD Master Sound

I will master a record for a reasonable price, bottom line. My quality and product, if I choose to take the work…is guaranteed!

Drop me off a file, for a free sample

I will send you back a mastered portion so you can hear the difference that professional mastering can make.

Here is 150 examples of my mastering work

As for the rest of it, recording, podcasts, live streaming…I’m game and love a challenge. Shoot me a message with what you need, and I will respond with a solution.